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Island City Academy is a 7-12, project based school that brings students, parents, community members and experts together in a learning community where research and  analysis are conducted to make a positive impact on learning. The ICA will provide an environment that motivates and engages students with the knowledge and skills to excel in a global society.

Stocking Walleyes on Horseshoe Lake

Walleyes on Horseshoe

By Kristin Bajak
    On September 29th the ICA went to Horseshoe Lake to watch and assist Aaron Cole. When we got there we met up with DNR fish biologist Aaron Cole who walked us through some history of Horseshoe Lake and talked about the fish population. After he was done talking we played ultimate frisbee because the lady who was bringing the fish went to the wrong lake. A little while later she showed up with 1,100 walleye about the size of my hand. Next she took 5 gallon buckets and filled them with fish to be released. You could let some go if you wanted to. We continued to let them go until there was no more.

    Horseshoe Lake’s walleyes are not native to this lake, however very few lakes in this area have walleye that are native to that lake. Horseshoe Lake is just over 100 acres and has about 1 adult walleye per acre, which is low. The DNR purchased walleye for about $2 dollars per fish for this lake. They are able to purchase these fish with the money that comes from fishing licenses. The DNR would like to get the walleye population up to around 5 or 6 walleyes per acres in the lake.

     I enjoyed this activity and would recommend it to anybody because as an avid fisher it is fascinating to see how the fish population is doing in this lake and knowing that if there is a problem the DNR is fixing it.

Forest Edibles
Thank you to Tavis Lynch of Lynch's Mushrooms for his explanations in foraging wild mushrooms. We learned what we can and can't eat in those forest delicacies. We also learned how you can make lots of 


money in this career selling edible mushrooms. Some edibles we found include black trumpets, puffballs, and honey mushrooms. We learned to stay away from destroying angels and other poisonous mushrooms.

Crex Meadows

Crex Meadows

ICA students visited Crex Meadows, and were led on a bus tour by field biologist, Jim Riemer. They toured the visitor center, studied the areas of Phantom Lake, dyke system, science nature area and pine barrens. The gnats were a memorable experience! This area is unique in conservation and migration of waterfowl.

Sunway, Inc. 
By Zac Snowbank


On the 23rd of September, seven ICA students went to Sunway, an ergonomic desk manufacturing facility, to learn about real world applications of engineering. The students will eventually use the knowledge they’ve learned, along with what they’ll learn on later field trips, to design custom desks for the ICA with the help of Sunway.

According to Sunway’s website, they are “a leading ergonomic office products manufacturer” and the samples of their products we have certainly support that.

Some have already started coming up with ideas to use in their desks. When I interviewed Dylan Anderson, he talked about some interesting concepts, such as Parker Pruett’s “Half-circle… where we can work over here and spin around and work on the other side.”

Besides exercising their creative urges, the students are also learning a lot about the different materials used in creating durable and aesthetically pleasing furniture. They will eventually be picking the material used in their design.

Ultimately, this is only the first trip to be made to the Sunway building, but it already looks like it’s going to be a quality learning experience.


Bake Sale
We are gearing up for our first Gallery Walk on November 13 by baking and canning some delicious recipes 
for you! New this year, ICA will be hosting our first ICA Gallery Shop, where you can purchase items that we have created like delicious jams, breads, and apple pie fillings. The ICA Gallery Shop will be open during the Gallery Walk event from 2:00-4:00 p.m. and from 5:00-6:00 p.m. We hope you can stop out and see our great work and purchase some wonderful handmade products!

Dragonfly Gardens  

Dragonfly Gardens

We visited Dragonfly Gardens to learn more about native plant species. We purchased 11 flats of native plants to bring back to our school and put in our prairie. Thanks to the great staff at Dragonfly for their time and talents. Also, thanks to owner, Rob, and manager, Louie, for donating classroom plants to brighten up our spaces.

Calling all Volunteers
We are looking for local volunteers willing to be on an ICA student's "Friends and Family Team" list. These people would be willing to support this student by coming to ICA Gallery Walks, critique independent projects and communicate quarterly with them. If you are able to fulfill this role, please contact ICA teachers, Mrs. Sheri Johnson or Mrs. Tirzah Zipperer below. Thanks!

Ultimate Frisbee and On Campus Eco

Thanks to these student photographers for their contributions to our On Campus Ecosystems Photo Journal:
Deric Hensel, Cherie Jerry, Beau Kyrola, Kela Vicich

ICA MS Collingwood Lk Survey

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Bike Safety

Students were instructed about basic bike safety and proper bike maintenance for our fleet of bikes.  

Executive Board Meeting: ICA Conference Room
Dec. 1, 2014 
5:00 PM

ICA students launch a fun mobile game for the 
Cumberland School Forest!