Enrollment begins
January 1, 2018 and ends
April 30, 2018 for the
2018-2019 school year.

Please download an application, complete it, and return to the Cumberland Middle School office after January 1, 2018 and no later than April 30, 2018. If you are not within the Cumberland School District boundaries, you may open enroll for admissions to ICA online with Wisconsin DPI or through the district office. Open enrollment includes both the district application and the ICA application.

Public School Open Enrollment

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Download ICA Application

Download ICA Application


For assistance with enrollment, please contact one of our instructors: tzipp@csdmail.com or sjohn@csdmail.com or by calling 715-822-5122

Frequently Asked Questions

Students need to be creative, have career interests and goals, and be motivated to develop their own learning experiences through student-created projects.

Students will utilize an online program, called Project Foundry, to ensure and manage credit requirements. All students will work closely with the ICA instructor and guidance department to make sure constant progress is made towards this goal. Parents will have the ability to log in to this program and monitor student’s progress..

The short answer to this question is yes.

Students will have the option of selecting two traditional high school classes as part of their Personal Learning Plan. Students will also be able to incorporate Youth-Options courses such as taking a CNA course off-campus as part of their plan.

The Long Answer.

Traditional High School Classes

In February 2014, the Island City Academy School Board approved the following policy after much discussion about the advantages and disadvantages of ICA students attending traditional high school courses:

  • ICA student can take up to two traditional courses in the regular high school. Traditional courses that will be allowed are limited to band, choir, and any course at a level higher than what the ICA can offer (i.e., Physics).
  • Students who wish to take more than two traditional high school courses must be prepared to present their reason(s) to the ICA teaching staff and administration in order to have them sign off on the request.
  • At no time may a student take four or more traditional courses and remain in Island City Academy.
  • Project Lead The Way courses do not count as one of the two traditional courses allowed. PLTW courses are also not required coursework of ICA students.
    ALEKS meets all common core standards as an alternative to traditional school math curriculum; therefore, ALEKS will be the math program used by ICA students. ALEKS offers math curriculum up to, and including, Calculus. Chemistry is also available through the ALEKS program.
  • Foreign language alternative options within the charter school setting are being explored in order to provide students with more time in the ICA classroom and less time in the traditional school.
  • The ICA will make every attempt possible to provide students with required and/or recommended courses within the charter school setting, including virtual courses and educational consultants.

As a reminder, the Island City Academy serves students with a project-based environment, with flexibility for students to earn credits and prepare themselves for the “real world.” In order to maintain the philosophy and mission of the charter school, we need to provide students with a variety of experiences outside of the classroom. This is difficult to fulfill when students are taking too many courses in the traditional setting. It is the goal of the ICA to provide as many alternative educational opportunities as possible that will allow students to fulfill college admission requirements, such as foreign language and higher level math, within the charter school setting.

All ICA students, and their family team, will meet with the ICA instructor to develop a plan centered around their career goals and academic needs. Utilizing a project-based learning environment, students will create a plan for attaining all credit requirements. This will be personalized for each student.

Graduates will receive an Island City Academy Diploma from the Cumberland School District..

The ICA requires a minimum of 28 credits.

4 Credits English
3 Credits Math
3 Credits Science
3 Credits Social Studies
1.5 Credits Physical Education
0.5 Credit Health
0.5 Credit Personal Finance
1 Credit Humanities
2 Credits of Career Practicums and Business Skills


Students in the ICA will earn credits through independent and group projects rated on a four-point scale (Minimal, Basic, Proficient, and Advanced).

Yes, as long as the student follows the same measures for joining and participating as other students within the Cumberland School District. Students will be required to sign and follow the CSD Co-Curricular/Athletic Code..

As public speaking will be required multiple times throughout the ICA learning experience, the Cumberland School District Senior Exit Speech will not be required.

Yes, as long as the student meets the qualifications for each individual scholarship at the local, state, and national level..

Working with local businesses and organizations will be an on-going activity for all ICA students, which may include a formal work release. This will be determined on an individual basis as part of thePersonal Learning Plan.

  • The Island City Academy does not charge tuition.
  • ICA is open to ALL students.
  • ICA is a public school, which is part of the Cumberland School District.
  • Enrollment in ICA follows an application process. If more students apply than there are openings, a lottery will be held.