Intergrated Project Based Learning

Middle School Level

The ICA middle school provides students an integrated project-based learning  environment, which incorporates outdoor education all year long while focusing on  sustainability.  Students learn the process of project management while provided  individual choice in development of their projects.  Thematic integrated units developed around Project Lead The Way and charter curriculum is the focus for  student learning.  Students will also use ALEKS Math, an online and individualized  math curriculum which allows students to work at their own pace and at their own  skill level.  Students practice public speaking by presenting projects to the public at  least 3 times per year.  Service learning opportunities are integrated into various  projects during the year.

High School Level

The ICA high school provides students a career and STEM (science, technology,  engineering, and math) focus.  Students create a Personal Learning Plan that  incorporates their career goals.  Students then choose between the Stem Strand (SS)  or the Individualized Career Strand (ICS).  Students develop individualized projects  related to their career interests that incorporate the Wisconsin State Standards in  order to earn required credits.  Direct instruction in math is achieved through the use  ALEKS Math, an individualized, selfpace math program. Public speaking opportunities  are provided as students present projects to the public at least 3 times per year.   Student directed service learning is required for all students each year.  Capstone  projects highlight the achievements of students and are presented at the end of the  senior year.

Career Goals Determine Education Path

Students choose the Stem Strand or the Independent Career Strand based on their  career goals.  The Stem Strand allows students to take at least 3 Project Lead The Way  courses in which college credit can be earned from Milwaukee School of Engineering.   Students also choose from many STEM related seminars as they build individualized  projects to attain credits.  Students may choose the Independent Career Strand if the  STEM Strand does not meet their career goals and thus have more flexibility to create  projects related to their goals.

Other Options for Career Development

All high school students also participate in a blend of practicums, job shadowing,  apprenticeships, and on the job training with local businesses and organizations.  In  addition to working with local businesses, students learn about the skills needed to be  successful as an employee and entrepreneurial concepts needed to manage a business.

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